Longing for Belonging

How connected are we in the flexible world of work?

In the dynamic world of today's working environments, the question of employees' attachment to their company is becoming increasingly important. A recent study by Karin Krobath, Sabine Zinke and P&P Managing Director Wolfgang Berger, published in September 2023, sheds light on this topic in detail. The results not only provide insights into the decisive factors for a sense of belonging, but also deliver valuable findings for the design of an appealing employee experience.


The importance of company locations

An interesting aspect of the study is the prominent role that company locations play in the employee experience. They act as important anchor points that foster a positive bond between employees and their work environment. The physical location where one works continues to have a strong impact on the sense of belonging.


Meaning and purpose at work

Another key point highlighted in the study is the benefits of work. Employees long to play a meaningful role in their company and to be able to make a clear contribution. This factor has a significant impact on connectedness.


The role of the virtual world

Attachment to a company is no longer created through physical interactions alone. Virtual experiences play an increasingly important role. Nevertheless, the results prove that face-to-face meetings still have a stronger impact. A balanced mix of analogue and virtual touchpoints is therefore crucial.


Implications for culture designers

For those who help shape corporate culture, this study yields important insights. It is important to create moments of loyalty and to design an appealing employee experience. This should be done in close cooperation with the responsible colleagues.


The importance of the employer brand

The employee experience should include both analogue and virtual touchpoints and be directly linked to the employer brand. Strong brands that clearly communicate their benefits create identification and a sense of belonging.


Overall, the study by Karin Krobath, Sabine Zinke and Wolfgang Berger provides valuable insights into how connectedness is created in the flexible world of work. It emphasises the importance of company locations, meaning in work and the balance between analogue and virtual interactions. Cultural designers now have the opportunity to actively incorporate these insights into the design of a positive employee experience. A strong employer brand that clearly communicates the benefits will be crucial.


Download the study (german only) >>>

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