On 11 October, a first-class networking event took place in the impressive ambience of Schoellerbank's Palais Rothschild. Under the expert moderation of Dr Josef Fritz, Managing Partner of BOARD SEARCH, exciting insights into the world of innovation and artificial intelligence were offered.


Alan Zettelmann - Innovation, but how?

Alan Zettelmann opened the evening with a captivating presentation on the topic of innovation. He emphasised the crucial role of innovation for companies and provided impressive statistics: 90% of companies see innovation as essential for survival, but only 6% implement it effectively. Zettelmann emphasised that innovation does not necessarily have to be expensive, but rather requires a combination of inspiration and organised work. Particularly impressive was the Innovation 360 method, which draws on data from over 5,000 organisations from 105 countries - a veritable treasure trove of knowledge.


Jörg Egretzberger - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Jörg Egretzberger brought the topic of artificial intelligence into the spotlight and impressively demonstrated how it goes hand in hand with innovation. He emphasised that companies can no longer avoid the topic of AI, as this represents the greatest risk. Egretzberger made it clear that AI is not just a buzzword, but offers real added value for companies. The challenge is to use more than the average 15% of data in the organisation to deliver better products to customers.


Marc Grünewald - Innovation in practice

Marc Grünewald gave us an insight into the world of innovation in large organisations. He shared valuable experiences, hurdles and tips. His appeal to engage with "uncomfortable" ideas and people in order to drive real innovation was particularly noteworthy. Grünewald made it clear that a culture of error is a crucial component of successful innovation and that the right time is a decisive factor for the success of innovations.


Book presentation: "COMMANDING CHANGE"

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of Alan Zettelmann's new book "COMMANDING CHANGE". The book is dedicated to the role of boards in strategic innovation, innovation leadership and disruptive innovation. It offers inspiring conversations with international innovation leaders and promises to accompany CEOs and board members on their innovation journey. A true guide to growth and transformation.


The connection between AI and innovation management was a central theme of the evening and highlighted the relevance of these topics for companies and institutions in today's world. We are enthusiastic about the insights and impulses that this evening brought us and look forward to future events of this kind.


You can find more information about Alan Zettelmann's book "COMMANDING CHANGE" here.

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