Giving the next generation courage.

Why can employee volunteering also promote team spirit in your company?

Education is the key to a better life.
Unfortunately, not all children have the same access to educational opportunities. For this reason, it is crucial to help families and children in need.


The school start-up aid provided by the MUT association is a remarkable project that aims to give these children the best possible start to the new school year.


Pendl & Piswanger supports the MUT association in putting together school bags with the materials raised from donations and ensures that the children have the right tools to get off to a good start at school. This action is much more than just material support. It symbolises community spirit and a commitment to making education accessible to all.

Employee - Volunteering offers numerous advantages
both for the employees and for the company itself.

One of the key aspects is the opportunity for personal development as well as the promotion of team spirit and cooperation in the work environment. Joint involvement in charitable projects creates a positive dynamic in the team, strengthens interpersonal relationships and promotes a sense of belonging.


Companies that offer such opportunities also signal their appreciation for the personal commitment of their employees, which in turn increases employee satisfaction. All in all, employee volunteering not only brings social benefits, but also creates a win-win situation for employees and companies.


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