Yoga at the workplace at Pendl & Piswanger

In a busy world, it is crucial that companies look after the well-being of their employees. At Pendl & Piswanger we therefore offer regular yoga sessions with a qualified yoga instructor.

Stress is a pervasive problem in the workplace that can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Yoga has proven to be an effective means of stress reduction. Through specific breathing exercises and meditation techniques, yoga helps to calm the mind and lower stress levels. This leads to increased productivity, improved concentration and an overall better working environment.

Sitting for long periods of time and unhealthy working positions can lead to back and neck pain. Yoga involves stretching and strengthening exercises that can increase flexibility and improve posture. The regular practice of yoga at P&P helps employees strengthen their bodies and prevent back pain.

Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining overall physical health. Yoga helps to strengthen muscles, improve the cardiovascular system and boost metabolism.

The yoga sessions at P&P provide an opportunity for staff to meet and practice together. This fosters a sense of community and strengthens the team. When the team feels supported and has a positive work environment, it increases morale and leads to higher staff retention.

Yoga helps to calm the mind and clear the thoughts. This enables our staff to focus better and enhance their creativity. By improving mental clarity, they can work more efficiently and find innovative solutions to business challenges.

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Employee Volunteering Programme

We are pleased to present our new Employee Volunteering Programme. Under the motto "Time for more MUT" (note: Mut is the german word for courage), we have partnered with MUT, an organisation that helps homeless people in Vienna and the surrounding area. Our programme started with a workshop on homelessness, which gave us a deeper understanding of the challenges homeless people face on a daily basis. Afterwards, we carried out an action in which we filled cosmetic bags with essential hygiene items and distributed them to homeless people. Our aim was not only to provide much needed items but also to show our support and appreciation. It was a formative experience in dealing with an unfortunately commonplace and highly sensitive issue. We cordially invite you to join the movement, for example by donating hygiene bags to the MUT association. Together we can make a difference and strengthen our community. To do so, visit the website of the MUT association at and learn more about their work and how you can help. Thank you for your support and interest in our Employee Volunteering Programme.
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We wish all our Customers and Partners a succesfull 2023!
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