Business Breakfast on 12 October 2023

The future of work - trends and challenges

On 12 October 2023, the Business Breakfast of the French-Austrian Chamber of Commerce (CCFA) and Grant Thornton Austria took place. The focus was on "New trends in the world of work" - a highly relevant discussion that shed light on the changes in the world of work in times of the Covid 19 pandemic.

A central aspect that was highlighted during the event by P&P employee and speaker Franck Runge, among others, was flexibility in the world of work and its impact on the loyalty of employees to their companies. The question was raised: How has the flexible world of work affected attachment to the company so far? More importantly, how can we strengthen this attachment?


A comprehensive study entitled "LONGING FOR BELONGING" was presented and provided the first answers to these crucial questions. Conducted by Pendl & Piswanger in cooperation with M.O.O.CON and identifire, the study identified essential insights into the impact of flexible working on employee retention.


Christoph Schmidl, Partner and Head of Accounting & Payroll at Grant Thornton Austria, gave practical advice during the event and pointed out possible challenges that companies might face in this context. Elisabeth Hochhold, Head of Legal & Sales at RailNetEurope, gave an insight into the practical implementation of these trends and discussed potential challenges from a company perspective.


The event provided a unique opportunity to take an in-depth look at workation and the long-term aspects of home office, including international orientation. Tax, social security and labour law issues arising from these modern work concepts were highlighted in detail.

The Business Breakfast not only offered valuable insights into the current trends in the world of work, but also the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of renowned experts and create valuable synergies.


Overall, the event was a significant step towards a deeper understanding of the changing world of work and the measures that can be taken to strengthen employee loyalty to their companies. The presented study "LONGING FOR BELONGING" offers a valuable insight into the current challenges and trends of the working world in 2023. 


(Cover photo: Viola Diermayr and Manuel Mayr)

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