Benefit from long-term loyalty

Underestimated potential of applicants

In the dynamic world of work, many years of professional experience and a wealth of experience are usually priceless. Nevertheless, experienced applicants often face major challenges when changing jobs after decades in the same company.


For many years, professional development was closely linked to individual career planning within the company. Talent management was perceived as an integral part of a company's programme. Making a career in one and the same company and eventually retiring there was seen as a goal to strive for. 

However, this trend is currently changing on the labour market.

The proportion of applicants who are looking for a job after many years with an organisation is increasing. There are certainly various reasons for this, such as leaner organisational structures and lasting changes in the way top management positions are handled. It is often a challenge to assert oneself here.

After more than 10 years in which performance was constantly visible in everyday working life, the ability to market oneself is understandably often a little rusty. As a rule, potential new superiors or the HR department only recognise special achievements and contributions to the company's success if these are properly communicated and emphasised during the application process.

This also repeatedly leads to one job not following on seamlessly from the next, which is often reflected in CVs with inadequately addressed "gaps".

We see time and again that employers and AI-based HR management systems in particular act on the basis of certain assumptions. For example, applicants who are loyal to the company have one-sided experience.

As a result, they are often excluded from the process at an early stage and are not invited to interviews, which means they have no opportunity to present and convince others of their comprehensive skills.


If you have succeeded in convincing them with your expertise and experience, you need to pay even more attention to the onboarding process than usual. It can be seen here that adapting to a different corporate culture, language and values, possibly also industry, also challenges top candidates.

Nevertheless, the benefits of their experience outweigh the effort involved. The increased effort involved is more than compensated for by the experience gained. Typically, people who have worked in an organisation for decades focus more on the good of the company than on their own career.


The CV reflects not only the past, but also the potential for the future.


Just as a well-rooted tree can be transplanted with a little preparation, well-rooted candidates are also able to successfully adapt to new professional environments.

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