Regional Meeting Intersearch Kopenhagen

Exciting insights into the use of AI in executive search

During the InterSearch Academy in Copenhagen, a meeting was held in parallel, which was attended by our partners Erwin Kretschner, Igor Svatos and Zoltán Papp.

Vince Szymczak from The Source Code Agency presented on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in executive search.


The applications presented by Chat GTP offer valuable support for accelerating search processes. These include, among others:

  • Identification of target companies through multiple passes to improve the hit rate.
  • Definition and improvement of search strategy-based profiles.
  • Writing outreach messages to potential candidates via LinkedIn.
  • Finding blog posts, photos, videos, articles and reports on potential candidates to increase the response rate.
  • Creating job adverts (this point was presented by Igor Svatos).
  • Writing candidate reports for the client.
  • Optimisation of own LinkedIn profiles.

The meeting provided valuable insights into the effective use of AI in executive search and showed how this technology is revolutionising HR management processes. We are excited to see how we can integrate these learnings into our future projects to continue providing innovative and efficient solutions.

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