Digitalisation is massively changing leadership

"EULEAD Summerschool 2021" - Conference for professionals and managers moderated by Dr Josef Fritz

The European Club for Excellence in Leadership and Management (EULEAD) invited to the "EULEAD Summerschool 2021" at the end of August. The conference for professionals and managers from all sectors and organisations was entitled "Focus Digital Leadership - New Leadership Styles are in Demand". The discussion panel was moderated by Dr. Josef Fritz, Managing Partner of P&P's sister company Board Search.

Digitalisation: great or negative?

"Digitalisation can be something great - or something negative, if it is exploited by states or giant corporations, for example. Critics see the power of states having long since been ceded to dominant US and Chinese corporations," says Fritz.

Values and goals

The Vice-Rector of Karl Landsteiner Private University, Sabine Siegl, emphasised that digital methods bring better security and availability, but should maintain the close relationship between staff and students.

This is how good corporate governance works

Brigitta Schwarzer, managing partner of Inara GmbH, defines good corporate governance as follows: "Doing more than is asked for, being a good role model, 'dealing well' with all stakeholders. But also being transparent, communicating well internally and externally, and last but not least: independence of the corporate bodies."

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