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Ana Ber has nearly 15 years of experience in the field of personnel and management consulting. She was born in Romania, educated in Israel and the United States, and has lived in various African countries where she worked for the UN and WHO, building and operating refugee camps in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan. Upon returning to Romania, she took over the local office of P&P InterSearch and positioned the company among the top 5 local Executive Search providers, with a focus on high-level and niche-specialized placements and management consulting.

She is responsible for building and leading a multicultural team of high-performing consultants and researchers and serves a diverse range of clients across the entire CEE region. Ana personally concentrates on executing Executive Search assignments in the industrial sectors, including automotive, energy, FMCG, and life sciences. Currently, she serves as the CEE Group Leader of InterSearch Worldwide for the Energy and Diversity & Inclusion sectors.

Ana holds a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Public Health from Tel Aviv University in Israel and an MPH (MBA) from the University of Massachusetts Boston in the United States.

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