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Peter Pendl, Karl Piswanger, Company founder

Executive & Expert Search

Our procedure

The team with the best players wins.

We search and find qualified managers and experts for you as well as suitable personalities for the supervisory board - nationally and internationally.

We search, find and identify the best minds for your company. Professionally sound managers who also fit your company in a human way. We are supported by internal and external research teams. We use our personal network, social media and the exchange with industry insiders and the practice group members of our Intersearch partners.

There is no progress without experts. We are looking for suitable candidates tailored to your industry and your desired profile. We use the latest technologies and algorithm-based search for traces in the www for the most difficult profiles. We work with you to find out who is the best fit for your company, both professionally and personally. We accompany you from the search to the conclusion of the contract.

BOARD SEARCH is a pioneer in professionalism on the Supervisory Board. People at the top make the difference – the best minds on the supervisory board are THE competitive advantage, especially in times of digitization, disruption, transformation of business models and in a changed geopolitics. BOARD SEARCH as an owner-managed Austrian service company specializes in the search for qualified supervisory bodies in the German-speaking area. The supervisory board, as a “driving force” for positive corporate development, secures the company’s portfolio through future orientation. Your advantage – empowering your board!

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Training & Coaching

Our training focus

You can only develop if you learn.

We support managers and employees through training, workshops and coaching to strengthen their personality and skills - tailored to their corporate goals.

Without change there is no development. We accompany you if you want to venture into new topics or your organization is in a change process. Our trainers support teams in overcoming entrepreneurial and personal challenges. We work with innovative creative and training methods and attach great importance to sustainable implementation.

Each end also means a new beginning. In order to start a new professional life, we coach and support managers and specialists in the search for a new job. In this way, they demonstrate social responsibility and defuse a possible crisis that they trigger in those affected. In addition, it has a positive effect on your employer branding.

This is how you support managers or employees – for example, when they take on a new (management) function, changes or difficult situations – in their further development. An experienced coach can break through established behavior and thought patterns through cleverly set impulses. In this way, individuals can examine professional and personal challenges from different perspectives. This makes it possible to develop alternative problem-solving strategies.

This can save lifetime. There are many digital tools out there to make work easier. But we often don’t know how to use them optimally. We show how you can save two hours a week by using various tools. We offer individual or group coaching depending on your needs.


With know-how and expertise to success.

We accompany and advise you in your personnel and organizational development.

It is best to shape the future today. We support medium-sized companies in this way. The goal is for organizational structures and processes to keep pace with the challenges of your business and your industry.

Talent and potential should be used. We collect strengths and development potential from executives or experts in your company. We work with structured interviews, case studies, profiling or design a suitable assessment center. This way you know which skills and development opportunities are in your employees and can act accordingly, e.g. in M&A or restructuring processes.

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