Never work again: "People can not be paid at all"

"Nothing changes until you change yourself, and then everything changes!", So the hanger of the event, in which this time Bodo Janssen talked about the insights he gained from his unusual life and his experiances as a Leader of a big hotel chain.

A new kind of leadership is revolutionizing the world of work Bodo Janssen is shaping a busy life: son of a successful, northern German entrepreneurial family - Playboy and Model - his kidnapping and the near-death experience - his father's demise in a plane crash - the entry into the parental company (Upstalsboom-Hotelkette, Anm. D Red.) - the employee survey with the result "Bodo must go out ..." - the transition to the monastery and - the return to the company with a completely new leadership and perspective. Five years after the employee survey, Bodo Janssen is now one of Germany's most popular employers: his company's turnover has doubled and sick leave has fallen from 10 percent to less than 2 percent.

Tommy Schwabl, owner and CEO of, was able to identify well with the content. His latest survey "How companies win the War for Talents" was congruent with the content of Bodo Janssen: People want to be understood and paid fairly, to be able to develop and develop further. Robert Wieselmayer, board member of Schoellerbank AG and Christine Catasta, chairman and senior partner of PwC Austria, agreed with Bodo that the traditional balance sheet perspective - desks and computers are assets, people come as expenses in the income statement - is passé.

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