Factors that influence your salary positively

External influences:

  • The location of the company - in Austria there are regional differences up to 25%. In regions with a high economic level (such as Vienna, Salzburg or the central area of Linz) the salaries are higher than in economic border areas with low industrialization (such as the Alpine region, Styria or many parts of Carinthia)
  • Lack of suitable candidates in the job market or in the region - up to 15% overpayment
  • High innovation and performance orientation of the company - salary increases in three years, up to 20% possible
  • Booming Industry - Differences up to 20%

o Above average: pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, chemicals and IT
o Good: Banking and Financial Services, Consulting / Service Industry
o moderate: food trade, wood / paper, raw materials, construction, transport, textile

  • Internationality / size of the company - depending on the position, in management positions there is a high dependence on size and success

Own knowledge / performance:

  • Only if the knowledge is needed for the position, it can be considered as crucial for the "value"
  • With a university degree up to 15%, with a degree from a college up to 10%
  • Sought-after special training with a degree like an accountant examination, IT certificates etc. up to 15%
  • Established professional experience – up to 10%
  • Excellent market-/customer reference can lead to an increase up to 10%-20% in case of career changes
  • Verifiable successes/performances facilitate every salary negotiation
  • Very good English skills or any other required foreign language skills can lead to an increase up to 5%-10% or more
  • International experience can lead to well-paid positions

Influence of the position:

  • Employee-/project responsibility, starting with 8 employees, can lead to an increase up to 20% or more. In case of project responsibility it is more common to agree on a success-related bonus, rather than a salary increase.
  • Enhanced mobility/ willingness to travel
  • Enhanced time flexibility or extreme working hours
  • Responsibility for budget or profits
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