Successful job hunting

If you are not convinced that you fulfil the qualifications for a task and are not able to make clear what you want during the conversation, how should the interviewer recognize that?

Collect information about the company

In almost every interview you'll be asked the following question: „What do you know about us?" or „Why exactly do you apply for our company?" If you do not have an answer to these questions, you have already lost - there is no better way to express disinterest and lack of initiative. Almost every company has its own website. One is able to collect up-to-date information about the enterprise via the online media and justify one's interest or qualification based on your findings. You might also have a friend working in this industry, who can inform you about current trends, because a good interviewer is likely to ask you: "How do you estimate the future of our industry?" Even if none of these questions are raised, you can take the initiative and bring them into the conversation – you will be surprised how this will increase the quality of the conversation and how your interviewer will look at you with more interested eyes.

Listening, answering and asking!
Your interlocutor decides about the moment he or she wants to approach a certain subject and also about how he or she wants to figure out if you are suitable for the job. No interviewer is interested in your life or your professional positions in general. Therefore, do not waste any time with endless monologues. Listen closely to the questions, because they are the topics, which are of interest and try to change from a question-answer rhythm to a dialogue as quickly as possible. When it is your turn to answer, you can finish the last sentence with a full stop or after having answered you can add a question, which fits the topic and shows your interest. For example, if you get asked whether you are technically skilled, it is possible to answer with yes, but it is likely that the interviewer will not be impressed. It is better, if you underline your skills with some examples of what you are capable of, how you do it and how fulfilling the result was. It would be even better if you added a question at the end: „How can I use my technical skills in your company?" The ability to think for oneself and show initiative is required in almost every job– everyone is able to show this in a job interview in his or her own way. Memorized answers are not likely to leave a good impression.

Good self-marketing is important
As with products in the shelves of a department store, first of all the packaging, which allows conclusions on the content, is important. Because – what you don't say in an interview, cannot be guessed. Think about where your key requirements for the job in this company are. Is it a specific education, professional practice, acquired skills or competences? Do not only talk about what happened in the past, but also what and how you achieved it– your personal successes, the acquired results and the way you chose are crucial and not the fact that you have been an accountant for 5 years.
Consider how you make decisions, give examples on how you motivated others, how you
managed conflicts or how you keep the overview under pressure. Always keep the connection to the offered position and ask what is essential to do a good a job and which goals have to be achieved.

Three key qualifications for management trainees
Courage – you have to see the future as a chance to act visionary and decisive, to present yourself open and secure in a discussion and fight for principles, even if it is uncomfortable.

Social competences – Recruiters look for team-oriented personalities that people listen to, which teach togetherness and build an orchestra out of individualists. These are people, which get joy out of success, put their heart in it and understand how to carry others along. People, who solve conflicts and do not increase them.

Performance orientation – A manager is like an engine - he moves others. The preconditions are self-motivation, initiative and the ability to overcome resistance. The striving is focussed on the achievement of results and not on the explaining of failures.

Serious faux pas
Careless and faulty application documents, smell of alcohol, to be uninformed about the company or have an arrogant appearance. Searching the responsibility for failure in others.

Forgivable mistakes
Being unpunctual, but only for plausible reasons, uncertainty at the beginning of the conversation, exaggerated modesty or if the qualifications are not available to the demanded extent.

How personnel consultants select
First of all the documents have to be compared with the requirements and checked regarding construction and structure, as well as presentation of the essential pieces of information. After a structured interview of 1 to 1 ½ hours and an accordance with the requirements as well as interest for the job, the consultant will try to obtain references. Sometimes the applicant is invited to do a test. Everybody receives information about their own results. Afterwards one or two meetings with the company will follow and finally you get an invitation for the contract negotiations. The biggest advantage for everybody: Due to the careful examination, those employments last longer. The company avoids costs of a possible wrong choice, saves time and gains safety and efficiency. The applicant makes another successful step in his career with a higher durability.

It's also you who makes a choice
Does the company fit your ideas regarding tasks and responsibilities, personal further development and promotion prospects, income or working atmosphere? There are companies with famous names, but high fluctuation – make sure you know why. Maybe it is just because of a high workload and permanent stress, maybe the goal is almost impossible to reach, or the style of leadership is the reason. That is where your ability to judge is required.

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