10 tips for the first days at the new job

1) Punctuality - The first days, maybe even weeks, you should be at your workplace earlier than the official start. When planning your travel time, be sure to consider enough slack time. Especially in the beginning of your new job, you can easily be labelled as the person that cannot be on time.

2) Fine feathers make fine birds - A positive image adapted to the corporate style facilitates the first acceptance. The first perception of a person is always visual, later the impression is enhanced by personal contact.

3) Friendly, positive, and constructive - At the beginning when you are still insecure, you can tend to withdraw, because you want to avoid making any mistakes. Instead, you should go to others, ask for help and offer your help. A smile or the word "thank you" is always recommended.

4) Information is everything - First, go to your supervisor and ask what he or she is expecting from you - especially for the first week or the first month. In addition, you can ask for the colleagues who are responsible for your enrolment in particular. Ask for company documents and look on the internet to deepen your knowledge about the company.

5) The way to a man's/woman's heart is through his/her stomach - Supporting the this saying, you can bake a cake or donuts as a "start of the new job" for colleagues. Something that almost everyone appreciates.

6) Lunch with your colleagues - arrange a lunch with your new colleagues. Find out about their activities and ask them about their opinion on things. You can win friends when you show a sincere interest - and not just by telling them about yourself. During lunch you won't disturb anyone at work, you can inquire about the company's practices and you can definitely get to know the gossip of the company.

7) Flexibility in finishing times - During the first days of work, do not plan a visit to the theatre immediately after work. Instead, ask your new colleagues if there is something else you can do - also ask the supervisor if he/she has a task for you. If not, ask kindly if you can go home, since all of the tasks for the day are already finished.

8) ...if a problem occurs - Instead of ignoring the problems and/or disagreements, you should seek for clarification immediately. Clearly state that you are in the learning phase and that you will avoid these mistakes in the future!

9) Take an active part in teamwork - As a general rule: First listen actively and then present your suggestions and ideas. A "know it all" person is never welcome. Work in a team, be active and productive. Offer your help! However, do not allow to be exploited.

10) Seek for feedback actively - after a week or so and then after a month, it is advisable to talk to your supervisor and ask for honest feedback. Ask him or her about things that are good, and don't forget to ask for points of improvement. The interest in performance improvement and active involvement can pay off sooner or later.

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